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According to the Education Reform Act 1988, all state-maintained schools in England are expected by law to provide a daily act of Collective Worship for all their pupils.

This ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character, though not distinctive of any particular Christian denomination’.

Collective Worship is a time when pupils meet together for a time of reflection, often as part of a daily assembly. If hymns and worship songs are used in times of Collective Worship or in special services (such as Christmas and Easter), and their words are reproduced or photocopied, then it’s likely that one or both of CCLI’s Collective Worship licences will be required.

For state schools in England, Collective Worship licences will be paid for centrally by the Department for Education with effect from April 2015. All other schools should apply directly to CCLI.

Please note: The Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is limited to curricular activities and lessons and does not cover Collective Worship.