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The CWCL is the simple, legal solution for schools who print song sheets or project songs in their assemblies.

The CWCL permits the reproduction of authorised song words for use during assemblies and times of Collective Worship. Most publishers of assembly songs, hymns and worship songs are included in the licence.   Please note that the Schools Printed Music Licence, administered by the CLA, does not cover assemblies / Collective Worship.

The CWCL permits you to:

The CWCL also allows you to make musical arrangements for transposing instruments where no published version is available – an invaluable asset to school bands which include wind or brass instruments.

The CWCL is a convenient alternative to seeking permission from each copyright owner, giving schools the freedom to reproduce a huge range of songs, while ensuring that copyright owners are fairly rewarded for the use of their work.

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Licence Fees:

For state schools in England, the CWCL will be paid for centrally by the Department for Education with effect from April 2015.

For all other schools the annual cost of the CWCL is based on the number of pupils on the school roll.

Collective Worship Copyright Licence (CWCL)
Attendance Category Licence Fee
1 - 49 AA £60.00
50 - 99 BB £92.00
100 - 249 CC £154.00
250 - 499 DD £214.00
500 - 999 EE £278.00
1000 - 1499 FF £340.00
1500 - 2999 GG £418.00
3000 - 4999 HH £538.00
5000 - 9999 II £720.00


Under the Terms of Agreement of your licence you are required to report which song lyrics you reproduce.


The Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence (CWMRL) provides permission to photocopy directly from authorised music books/publications. This licence is available as a supplement to the CWCL.

For state schools in England, this licence will be paid for centrally by the Department for Education with effect from April 2015. All other schools should apply directly to CCLI.


SongSelect is a website featuring the largest available collection of downloadable song lyrics, lead sheets and chord sheets. It offers schools convenient, legal and affordable access to thousands of hymns and worship song resources for their assemblies. SongSelect is available to any school holding a CWCL.

Further Information

Fact Files: Collective Worship

This PDF features printable Fact Files about Collective Worship copyright, covering common questions such as ‘What counts as a reproduction?’ and ‘Can we change the words?’, plus information about showing copyright lines and completing your copy report.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about copyright in schools