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For state schools in England, Collective Worship licences will be paid for centrally by the Department for Education with effect from April 2015.

For all other schools licence fees are based on the total number of pupils on the school roll. The prices shown include service fees and VAT and are valid until 31st December 2015.

Collective Worship Copyright Licence (CWCL)
Attendance Category Licence Fee
1 - 49 AA £60.00
50 - 99 BB £92.00
100 - 249 CC £154.00
250 - 499 DD £214.00
500 - 999 EE £278.00
1000 - 1499 FF £340.00
1500 - 2999 GG £418.00
3000 - 4999 HH £538.00
5000 - 9999 II £720.00

Terms of Agreement

It’s important that licence holders read and understand the Terms Of Agreement which are applicable once a licence has been purchased from CCLI.

View the terms for our school licences

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