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Downloadable Files and Reference Materials

This page features useful reference materials, downloadable files, logos and banners that you may wish to use on your website or link to ours.

Further general information on copyright within schools can be found on the Copyright & Schools website

If you can’t find the reference materials you need here, please contact us.

Licence Kit for Schools

A guide for all licence holders, featuring tips on being an Active Contact, plus details of our licences and the Online Reporting process

Authorised Producers / Publishers

View or print the publishers/producers covered by our collective worship licences

Top 25 Songs

View lists of the top reported songs currently being used in UK schools

Fact Files

Useful printable guides to copyright in schools.

Licence Application Form

A printable copy of our latest application form with annual licence fees. (Note, if you’re an existing Collective Worship Copyright Licence holder who’d like to purchase a Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence, please contact us as your licence fee(s) will be pro-rated to match your existing expiry date