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Below are links to the lists of the copyright owners, song catalogues and film producers covered by our various licences.

While our licences cover the vast majority of worship songs/hymns used in schools, we can only cover the use of works where the copyright owner has signed a contract with CCLI. Click here to see a list of common songs that are not covered by the CWCL/CWMRL.

These lists are correct for UK and Ireland licence holders only.

Collective Worship Copyright Licence (CWCL)

Authorised Songs

Search the CWCL song database for copyright information and to confirm if a song is covered (updated daily).

Authorised Catalogues

View the catalogues (copyright lines) covered by the CWCL (updated daily). Here you can also find the addresses of the publishers whose catalogues are covered by the CCLI licences.covers

Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence (CWMRL)

Authorised Catalogue List

A list of the catalogues covered by the CWMRL.

Authorised Publications List

All the songbooks that the CWMRL permits you to copy from.